Phillip’s Foote Restaurant

Fully licensed Restaurant located in The Rocks Sydney.



Dining Experience

For authentic pub dining, Phillip’s Foote offers a quintessential Australian experience. Cook your own steak or fish on one of our courtyard BBQs and complement with your choice of fresh side dishes from our salad bar. Wash it down with one of our hand-picked wines or beers.

Dining Space

With its heritage atmosphere and historic charm, Phillip’s Foote has a dining option for everyone; couples, small groups, larger events. Winter or summer, from the intimate Phillip room, to the picturesque Sydney Cove Room or Garden Courtyard, there’s plenty of nooks and crannies to explore.
Phillips Foote restuarant_ 2018

Our History- Established 1975

Phillip’s Foote derives its name from Captain Arthur Phillip, Commander of the First Fleet from England to Australia in 1788. One of the first white men to set foot on the shores of Sydney Cove, his mission was to set up a British penal colony.

Amongst the convicts on board his ship, The Scarborough, was Joseph Tuzo whose descendant, Howard Dredge helped established Phillip’s Foote in 1975.

The building housed a sailors’ bar, custom’s agent and stable before standing derelict until the early 1970s. During Sydney’s notorious trade union Green Bans, Phillip’s Foote emerged to become what it remains today, an eatery with lashings of colonial charm and true Australian hospitality.

The Rocks

Phillip’s Foote is located in the heart of Sydney’s most historic area, The Rocks.

A focal point for exploring Australia’s heritage, this busy, bustling precinct attracts both locals and international visitors